Electrical Stimulation Recorded Webinar 5 CEUS


Course Description

This popular course is now offered in three different formats, live webinar, on-site single day, or on-site two day.  Through a combination of interesting lecture and hands-on labs, this course provides information and skills that can be utilized in the clinic the very next day.

The speaker has a unique ability to clear-up many misconceptions regarding these modalities, and making topics that are often confusing understandable.

The on-site course includes extensive hands-on application labs for ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of ultrasound and electrical stimulation

  • Describe the physiological effects of ultrasound and electrical stimulation

  • Identify contraindications and precautions for ultrasound and electrical stimulation

  • List the alterable parameters of ultrasound and electrical stimulation and how each parameter will effect treatment outcomes

  • Design a treatment program incorporating electrical stimulation or ultrasound

  • Explain the rationale for choosing ultrasound or electrical stimulation

Lab: Participants will be able to demonstrate proper application of ultrasound and electrical stimulation

Electrical Stimulation Recorded Webinar

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