Making a Difference

JVB Enterprises Inc.

Jamie V. Birmingham PT, CWS, CLT

Years of experience in clinical treatment, public speaking and course instruction along with an energetic personality and positive attitude make Mrs. Birmingham a dynamic, effective, as well as entertaining presenter.  Jamie received her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida. She has an impressive rehabilitation background in inpatient and outpatient settings, specializing in neurology, geriatrics, and wound care. As owner and chief instructor of JVB Enterprises, Inc., she is dedicated to providing quality continuing education for less.

To find out what former students of her seminars have to say please see student comments below.


Student Comments             

After years of presentation, when given a choice of Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor, an overwhelming majority of attendants have rated Jamie's courses Excellent; here are some of their comments.

  •  "Jamie is a wonderful speaker.  I finally had an 'Aha' moment in regards to e-stim", Great Seminar!  

  •  "Made a complex subject matter very simple and easy to understand"

  •  "This teacher can teach any topic because of her need to know, need to inform, and need to do this accurately. I would go to   her classes even if they were not topics that initially interested me!", "Wonderful speaker!  

  •  "You presented the material in a thorough, clear and understandable manner"

  •  "Excellent course! Jamie - you are a wonderful instructor.  This by far was the best wound care course I've been to (I've gone to at   least four other ones) It's inspiring. Thank you."

  •  "Jamie is an outstanding speaker, very knowledgeable in this field. I felt very comfortable asking questions. Great presentation. I   highly recommend it."

  •  "Excellent speaker - Very knowledgeable, kept my interest"

  •  "Your enthusiasm for what you do is very obvious - thanks for conveying that!"

  •  "Excellent course and speaker!"

  •  "Very essential seminar, still kept simple and presented in a very clear way. Excellent!"

  •  "Excellent seminar - information presented in an easy-to-understand way, clear, concise and very practical."

  •  "This is the best wound care course I've been to. Very interesting."

  •  "Excellent - best course I have attended so far. Also very cost-effective and reasonably priced."

  •  "Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for wound care. Your course was beneficial, offering easy to apply techniques and   information."

  •  "Very informative. Very knowledgeable and enjoyable speaker."

  •  "Best wound care seminar I have attended!"

  •  "Presentation was professional and relaxed. Speaker demonstrated an interest in teaching the audience and reaching out to   each  individual student."

  •  "This has been a great course, I enjoyed how interactive and hands-on the labs were."

  •  "I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and feel that what I learned I can apply when I go back to work on Monday.  This is   important to me because I could not do this with the past seminars and felt very frustrated and more confused following other   seminars."

  •  "Jamie, you are an excellent teacher/speaker/instructor. I enjoyed your course very much! e.stim has always been an area that I   have not enjoyed or felt knowledgeable enough to feel like I am effective. I needed this very much. Thank you!"

  •  "I will recommend your seminar to other O.T.'s"

  •  "Presenter presented technical information in a very understandable way."

  •  "The speaker is very knowledgeable on this subject."

  •  "Nice pace, great labs, good handouts are easy to follow."

  •  "Instructor was very knowledgeable."

  •  "Very concrete information. Detailed enough to understand the big picture but not too much so.  Very helpful handouts."

  •  "Excellent knowledge about ultrasound and electrical stimulation."

  •  "Not only is Jamie very knowledgeable, but also very thorough, very easy-going but still professional. Very resourceful. Thanks.   Great Course!"